Painting, Expanded


Interpreting and growing a 2-dimensional composition in 3 dimensions.

AutoCAD, Rhino, Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator
This project involved taking Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park #54 and reinterpreting it in three dimensions as an imaginary wooden bas-relief.

Project Background

In this project, we were shown Ocean Park #54 by Richard Diebenkorn and asked to interpret it not as a painting, but as a plan for a bas-relief in 3 dimensions. The basic steps were to:

1. Observe the dividing lines present in the painting.
2. Use those lines to interpret the painting not as a painting, but rather as a plan for a bas-relief.
3. Build our imagined bas-relief in Rhino.
4. Create 2 additional bas-reliefs in which we
“expand” the original bas-relief along the dividing lines that we saw in the painting.
5. Create 3 separate collages, where each collage
contains an iteration of the bas-relief, the linework of the bas-relief, and the elements of the painting that each piece of the relief references.
These were the 3 bas-reliefs I created, each one expanding beyond the last.

Collaging the Extrusion

After making the extrusions, I was to render them in wood. From there, I would then create a collage with these renderings, their linework, and the original painting. The collages are visible below, seen expanding along their diagonal lines.