Not Every Couple

A poster + Instagram post in support of childfree couples.

Adobe Illustrator

As the word “family” so often seems to have connotations of having children, and people who do not have children can be seen as “lonely” or having failed in some way, I thought that it was important to reinforce the idea that there are alternative lifestyles that can be equally satisfying to having a traditional “nuclear family.” I completed this project with a classmate, Jack Neiberg.


This was the poster that the two of us created for this issue. We made this illustration based off of an image of an elderly couple dancing to show that adults without children can be just as happy as those who do have children.

Instagram Post

In our Instagram post, we wanted to reinforce the idea that older couples without children had nothing to “regret” by showing them in further situations where they could enjoy their time together. With the format of Instagram allowing us to post more information, we also chose to include data about how not having children could be good for the climate, for a work that supports people who do not wish to have a “traditional” family in multiple ways.